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The LeasePlan Corporation is a financial institution that specialises in fleet management, which involves financing and operating fleets of vehicles, i.e. cars, commercial vehicles and goods vehicles.

LeasePlan is the world’s leading provider of fleet management services. We manage more than 1.3 million cars and have over 50 years of experience. We are now active in 31 countries, where our 6,000 employees are ready to help and advise you.
In Denmark we have 75 employees, and the CEO is Lars Eegholm. LeasePlan Danmark handles more than 25,000 vehicles for individuals, companies and local authorities. LeasePlan Danmark is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LeasePlan Corporation N.V., which is owned by Volkswagen Bank GmbH (50%) and Fleet Investments (50%). Fleet Investments is an investment company owned by German banker Friedrich von Metzler.

For more information please visit: www.leaseplan.dk


For 25 years Maxim has made athletes stronger, faster and better prepared to face any challenge. We know all about sports nutrition, and we have developed our products in close collaboration with nutritionists and some of the most stubborn, strong-willed and targeted athletes. Our products give your body everything it needs to perform before, during and after exercise. Everything but willpower. It may you come up with. We have taken the three cornerstones in sports nutrition - carbohydrates, fluid and protein - and optimized them in combinations to suit your exact training needs. Whether you are training to run longer, faster or build you stronger, then we have a perfectly balanced product for you developed the above three cornerstones. 

Maxim is the original expert in the field. Regardless of the sport, and at what level, we can help you to push yourself to the limits and achieve maximum results. 

Read more about Maxim at www.maxim.dk.


Back in the year 2000, Pixum became one of the first comapnies to off development of photographs on the Internet. Since then, Pixum has played its part in helping to make ordering photo products online popular, both in Germany, where it was founded and beyond. 

Pixum is now Germany’s leading online photo service and is one of the biggest players on the European market. As well as offering a variety of hundreds of attractive, individual photo products such as the Pixum Photo Book, personalised photo cards, enlargements and wall art, posters, canvas, photo gifts and photo prints, Pixum also offers customers a range of ordering options; such as using the online shop or the Pixum Photo Book software. 

Pixum.com also gives customers the opportunity to save their pictures in online albums or to share them with other users in online communities.

Read more about Pixum here: www.pixum.com.