Top marks from the international athletic world to IAAF/AL-Bank World Half Marathon Championships 2014

The absolute top of the international athletics has just praised the World Half Marathon 2014 project, when Jakob Larsen, CEO of the Danish Athletic Federation, and WHM2014 Competition Director, Lene Kryger Pedersen, presented a status report on the World Half Marathon Championships at the international athletics federation board meeting Thursday 14 November at the IAAFs headquarter in Monaco. Read the WHM 2014 Progress Report, that was presented in Monaco, here.

The IAAF council members had i a the following comments to the huge, popular running event:

Lamine Diack, IAAF-præsident:  
"Congratulations on a fine and very modern presentation. We look forward to Copenhagen. We have been there before, and we are sure it will be truly special."

Sebastian Coe, vicepræsident: 
"You have created a perfect storm, well done. When we changed the date of the championships, we wanted to promote the event to something bigger and better. Through your excellent work you have helped us reach the objective we set out to achieve. You are an inspiration for future organizers. You have set a new standard for the use of social media, and your marketing is something, that we need to learn from."

Essar Gabriel, IAAF's generalsekretær, før præsentationen:  
"Why did you not apply for the 2016-edition – you would have won it easily."

IAAF-stabsmedlem før præsentationen: 
"Everyone's raving about you. I hear only good things."