Edit participant profile 

It is possible to edit your informations in the participant list. Except your expected end time it is possible to change all informations. 

The price for changing name is 100 DKK + administration fee. Please note that you can no longer change the physical start number, as it has already been printed. But you can still change the name at the start list, at the track record and at diploma.

If you sell your start number, the purchaser must change the username and password, after the deal is completed.If you want to edit your WHM 2014 profile you just have to ask for user name and password here and login here.

When you edit your informations in your participant profile, you can connect your start number up to your Facebook profile. We recommend you do this, so that your time is automatically going to be shown on your Facebook page when you have crossed the finish line Saturday 29 March.