IAAF/AL-Bank World Half Marathon Championships 2014 participant guide

participants of the IAAF/AL-Bank World Half Marathon Championships are encouraged to read the participant guide before the race, since it contains all necessary information about the event.

1) List of participants: Make sure your email address is correct 

At the list of participants you can find your own name and all the other runners. You can change your e-mail and other informations in your participant profile. However, you cannot change the starting number and the starting group. It costs 100DKK to change the name. The new name will only appear at the list of participants, the result list and at the diploma. At the starting number it will still be the original name, since the starting numbers have already been printed.

2) Starting number: Pick up your start number at Copenhagen 2014 Expo 25–28 March 10am to 8pm

Mid-March all WHM participants will receive a starting card per e-mail. You have to bring the starting card either in print or on your smartphone or tablet when you pick up the starting number at Copenhagen 2014 Expo from Tuesday 25 March to Friday 28 March ( LINK ). The Expo will be open 10am to  8pm every day .
As a special service for those who are unable to pick up the starting number of the Expo, there will be limited option to pick it up Saturday 29 March from 8am to 11am at the City Hall Square. But we do not recommend you to do this. It is better to ask a friend to pick up your number at the Expo if you can’t do it yourself.

3) Transport and Traffic: Follow news about traffic changes at www.copenhagen2014.dk

There will be traffic changes in Copenhagen and Frederiksberg during the IAAF/AL-Bank World Half Marathon Championships. The WHM 2014 course is blocked by all traffic on Saturday morning 29 March from 6am. From 6am to 12am it will be possible to cross the course at 11 crossings along the course. www.copenhagen2014.dk will be updated during March with all necessary information about the traffic changes during the IAAF/AL-Bank World Half Marathon Championships days.

 4) Arrival: Take the S-train or bus to the central station and walk from there to the starting area

We recommend all participants to take the train to Copenhagen Central Station or Nørreport or the metro to Kongens Nytorv or Nørreport - and walk from there to the starting area by Christians Brygge Vester Voldgade. Your starting number determines which way you must use to get to the starting area. Signs and info guides will show you which way to go. For security reasons it is important that you follow the guidelines for your STARTING NUMBER no matter which starting group you want to run with on the day. Saturday 29 March it won’t be possible to arrive at Christians Brygge from Knippelsbro /Børsgade.
• If you arrive by Metro, change at Nørreport to the S -train to The Central Station or walk from Nørreport via the pedestrian bridge at Nørrevoldgade and  at the City Hall Square
• If you arrive by car, park outside the city, take the train to The Central Station and walk to the starting area from here
• If you arrive by foot, you can use one of crossings or one of the pedestrian bridges. 
• If you arrive by bicycle, park your bike as far away from the course as possible and walk to the starting area as described above

5) Discounted event ticket for bus, S-train and Metro: 24 hours for 20 DKK or 40 DKK 

We encourage all participants and spectators to use the bus, S-train and Metro, to get to town and around in the city during IAAF/AL-Bank World Half Marathon Championships. Saturday 29 March it is not possible to get around by car or bicycle. In collaboration with bus, S-train and Metro we therefore offer an event ticket, which gives you easy and CHEAP access to the WHM course with buses, S-trains and Metro. The ticket is in the form of a text messsage ticket purchased via the internet and delivered directly to your mobile phone (all phones can receive the ticket). The ticket is valid for from 8am 29 March to 4am 30 March. The price is 20 DKK for zone 1-4 (Copenhagen incl. airport ) and 40 DKK for all zones (entire Capital Region). It is free to have two children under the age of 12 on a ticket.

6) adidas – finisher t-shirt: Measure in advance what size you need

All WHM participants will get an adidas – finisher t-shirt. The t-shirt is available in the start and finish area Saturday 29 March from 9am to 11:30am and from 2pm to 5:30pm. You have to bring your starting number when you pick up your finisher t-shirt. The t-shirt is available in men's and ladies models in sizes XS, S, M , L, XL and XXL. Find out in advance what size you want by using the  size chart. It is not possible to change the t-shirt or try it on when collecting it (to avoid queue)

7) Baggage: Remember to put one of your starting numbers on the bag

When you arrive at the starting area you must bring your personal items in the yellow adidas bag, that you will receive when you pick up your starting number at the Expo. Remember to label your adidas bag with your starting number sticker. Leave your baggage in the baggage truck that has your starting number on. 30 baggage trucks are parked in the starting area. Your baggage number is the same as your starting number. Once you have delivered your luggage, you cannot get to it until after the race.

8) Start area: Please wait in the starting group you have been allocated

When you have delivered your luggage, go to your starting group in Slotsholmsgade or Christians Brygge . The colour and the number of your starting group are shown at your starting number - read more about starting groups and pacesetters in the next section. Stay together with your starting group in the starting area. Remember that your time start counts from you cross the start line.
In the starting area there will be big screens showing entertainment from the main stage and the start/finish area all day. The Announcers on stage will be the Danish sport commentator and TV host Jimmy Bøjgaard and the London Marathon announcer Geoff Wightmann.

9) Pace setters: Choose your starting group Saturday 29 March

The pace setters run with balloons in different colours. The colour of the balloon correspond to the colour of the starting group. For the IAAF/AL-Bank World Half Marathon Championships 2014 there will be the following colours/groups :
• Start Group 1: Less than 1:30 GREEN
Start Group 2: 1:30 to 1:45 RED
• Start Group 3: 1:45 to 2:00 BLUE
• Start Group 4 : 2:00 to 2:15 GREY
• Start Group 5 : 2:15 to 2:30 PURPLE
• Start Group 6 : Over 2:30 ORANGE
Each starting group is divided into sub-groups of 5 minute intervals, and on the event day you choose which sub- group you want to run with. In the blue group for example, you can choose to run with the pace setter running 1:50, 1:55 or 2:00. If you choose to run with a different starting group than the one you have been allocated, based on your expected finish time, you’re welcome to do this if one of the other groups suits you better (BE REALISTC)The pace setters arrive early in the starting area Saturday 29 March so all runners have time to find their group.

10) Your warm clothes are donated to Red Cross Copenhagen: Chose an unfashionable sweater rather than an old, dirty one

To ensure you stay warm while waiting to start, it's a good idea to wear some warm clothes that you can toss right before start.  This warm clothes will be donated to Red Cross Copenhagen.
We encourage you to choose an old-fashioned sweatshirt - rather than an old one with holes in. Red Cross Copenhagen collect the clothes from all of you 30,000 runners in the starting area, and the fewer holes in the clothes, the easier it is for Red Cross Copenhagen to sell it and generate money for charitable purposes.

11) WHM programme Saturday 29 March 2014

Practic information and entertainment from the stage in the start and finish area by the Danish TV host Jimmy Bøjgaard and London Marathon speaker Geoff Wightmann.
12:00: Opening Ceremony: Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt and IAAF President Lamine Diack
12:30: Start 2014 WHM Women - Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt
12:55: Start 2014 WHM Men and Mass Race - His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik
14:15: Medal Ceremony Elite Women Individual
14:20: Medal Ceremony Elite Women Team
14:30: Medal Ceremony Elite Men Individual
14:55: Medal Ceremony Elite Men Team

12) The Race

Beware of each other - and enjoy the race
IAAF/AL -Bank World Half Marathon Championships 2014 is one of the biggest running events ever held in Denmark. The course has been prepared in close cooperation with the International Association of Athletics Federations, IAAF, since it is first of all a World Championshipos. This means as few narrow sections and sharp turns as possible. But when 30,000 runners run through the city centre there is a risk of congestion, so take care of yourself and the others, smile and enjoy this once-in- a-lifetime adventure.

13) Toilets

There are toilets in the starting area on Christians Brygge and at all the drink stations.

14) Drink stations

There are four drink stations at the World Half Marathon Championships course. The drink stations are placed at 4.1km, 9.2km14.4 km and 18.5km at both sides of the road. The drink stations offer water and energy drink. At 14.4 km there will also be served bananas. At all four drink stations there are toilets for the runners.

15) Finish area: Continue walking when you have crossed the finish line

Once you have crossed the finish line, it is very important that you proceed onto Slotsholmsgade (same way as you came from when you started) without stopping to help making room for the next runners. Shortly after you have crossed the finish line, you will receive your WHM 2014 medal, a blanket and a bottle of water. You cannot miss these delivery stations so do not stop, but continue towards the baggage area to avoid generating congestion. 

16) After the race: Meet your family and friends at the City Hall Square

After collecting your luggage, we recommend that you go and meet your family and friends at the City Hall Square , which is the official meeting point. To get out of town please goto the central train station.

17) Spectator Programme

Remember to encourage your family and all your friends, neighbours, colleagues and others to come out and cheer for you and be a part of the IAAF/AL-Bank World Half Marathon 2014 in Copenhagen. If they register your starting number into the app, they can follow you and cheer you on several places on the course.
• 40 bands will entertain along the course
• Frederiksberg Alley will be decorated with flags and here is plenty of space for the spectators on both sides of the road.
• At the City Hall Square of Copenhagen there will be a Hot Spot with large screen, spectator stands and various other activities. The square will also be meeting place for participants and spectators after the race.
• At Østerport Station, many of the Swedish spectators will be gathered to cheer along the almost 700 Swedish runners. So if you are Swedish or have Swedish friends, do not hesitate to recommend them to stand with Swedish flag at Østerport Station.
• After the race: Meet your family and friends at the City Hall Square
• After collecting your luggage, we recommend that you go and meet your family and friends at the City Hall Square , which is the official meeting point. To get out of town please goto the central train station.

18) TV, photos and diploma from the IAAF/AL-Bank World Half Marathon Championships

A week after the event it will be possible to buy a photo book with interesting pictures from the preparations of the event and beautiful pictures from the race from all over town on the 29 March. The photos in the book will be taken by the professional photographer Lars Møller who is known for his artistic sports pictures. If you want to personalise your photo book you can choose the version that has a blank page for your Marathon Photo picture (read more below) or any other personal photo. The coffee table book will be a great memory. It costs 250 DKK and will be on sale online.

Marathon Photos takes pictures of each runner during the race and especially in the final stretch of the course. We recommend that you look up and smile when you cross the finish line instead of looking at your watch. You can purchase the photos after the event at the website. 

On www.copenhagen2014.dk you will also be given the option to print an IAAF/AL-Bank World Half Marathon Championships diploma with your name and time on

Saturday afternoon 29 March the Danish host broadcaster, DR, transmits directly from the race, so remember to record the programme.