Local transport

Take a Walk/Take a Ride

Copenhagen is a compact city in which most of the hotels, restaurants, venues, sights and shops are within walking distance of each other. Alternatively, the city's public transport makes covering longer distances effortlessly easy.

Copenhagen has one of the world’s best transport infrastructures and, unlike many other European capitals, there are very few traffic problems - guaranteeing minimal journey times in and around the city.

With multiple bus lines, a Metro, a local train network and harbour busses, the city’s public transport is convenient and safe. An integrated ticket system makes it easy to travel by different forms of transport using the same ticket.

A cut above

The city’s modern and well-functioning Metro was voted ‘The World's Best Metro’ in both 2008 and 2010. Its high efficiency, security and general passenger satisfaction were among the reasons for the rating.

The Metro runs 24/7. During the day and evening trains run every 2-3 minutes; every 20 minutes after midnight. During city-wide congresses, more trains are put into service during peak hours and the many electronic information boards provide information targeting the delegates.

Copenhagen Airport has its own Metro station. The journey to the city centre by either the Metro or the overland train is only 13 minutes. This is the shortest travel time from an airport to any capital city centre in Europe.

Hit the road – or the waves?

Busses in Copenhagen are plentiful and run frequently, and as part of the city’s green strategy, in 2012 Copenhagen will become the first European city to replace large city busses with electric busses. In fact, the city already operates a number of small electric city busses and hybrid busses on some routes.

Copenhagen also offers an extensive local train system (the S-tog) which connects the city centre with its suburbs, along with harbour busses serving the inner harbour and adjacent city districts.

On four wheels

Copenhagen taxis are comfortable and clean, and in 2010 users of Hotels.com named them the seventh best in the world.

You can easily hail a taxi on the street, and most accept all major credit cards. All taxis are clearly licensed, and operate at fixed mileage rates.

If you want to rent a car, there are several international companies with offices in the city centre and at the airport. If you prefer to drive with a clear environmental conscience, Sixt offers electric cars for hire.

On Two Wheels

If you prefer to experience the city the Copenhagen way, you should get on a bicycle. Copenhageners love to cycle; 55% of the population commute by bike every day.

The city has an extensive and well-functioning cycle infrastructure with 400 kilometres of cycle lanes.

It is easy to get hold of a bike. Most bike shops and hotels offer bikes for rent, some hotels even lend bikes to their guests for free. In addition 2,000 specially designed city bikes are available to borrow for a small deposit from April- October each year.

On The Right Foot

Thanks to its compact scale, Copenhagen is a true pedestrian paradise, and it is safe to walk around even at night. The pedestrian shopping street, Strøget, is the world’s oldest and longest pedestrian zone. If you aren't tempted to stop at the many shops and cafes along its length, you can also just use Strøget to cross the city centre in less than half an hour. Pavements, street crossings and pedestrian zones are extensive, which makes experiencing Copenhagen on foot extremely convenient. So, do make sure to bring your walking shoes!